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hp_intoxicated Oct. 22nd, 2011 @ 11:12 pm
                                      hp_intoxicated hp_intoxicated hp_intoxicated hp_intoxicated

This community is dedicated to all those stories still to be made or have all ready been made, that are base on none other but, intoxication. It could be intoxication about anything. Did you say Draco took a love potion and shag Harry? Or, What about the other day when Severus was drunk? I'm hopping that you'll let the bunnies that you been having about an intoxicated character of Harry Potter come out and play or stumble more like it in here.

Do you want to help and spread the word, be my guest and use the template on the bottom.

Up Front! Fiction Aug. 1st, 2010 @ 01:50 am
UpFront Fic

~Housing fiction featuring all H!P members--past and present--from the Eggs to old skool Morning Musume. Come join, post, review, dicuss, enjoy!

UpFront Fic

A place to post The Tyrant Falls in Love fanfic Jul. 4th, 2010 @ 01:17 am
I've recently created a new community tyrant_fanfic , and as the community title implies it is a community for fanfic authors and readers of the yaoi (boy's love) manga, The Tyrant Falls in Love (Koi Suru Bo-kun) to gather and share fanfic based on Takanaga Hinako's manga Koi Suru Bo-kun and its prequel, Challengers and participate in weekly prompts.

Jul. 2nd, 2010 @ 02:27 am

...is an anonymous-comment-meme type of community, wherein participants post fandom (Dark Shadows)-related prompts of any sort. Then, (hopefully) someone will come along and fill that request. Rince, repeat. The fanfic glee never ends!
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Jan. 29th, 2010 @ 04:51 pm

inspired100 is a new weekly challenge community! Each week one prompt will be posted (be it a word, phrase, lyric or song) and you then write a short drabble or ficlet inspired by said prompt. Once you have finished writing, post or link to it in the comments of the prompt post. Anything at all is accepted, any rating, any fandom, any character(s), from fanfic to original works!

10_prompts, 100_prompts

After a very long hiatus, both 10_prompts and 100_prompts are back open for business! They are challenge communities with prompt tables ranging from 10 prompts up to 100 prompts for the more confident writer.

We allow pretty much anything anything as long as it isn't offensive and is properly labelled; gen, het, yaoi, yuri, RPF, RPS, NC-17, any character, any pairing, any fandom, any crossover, original characters, original universes (like RPG universes). Fics, drabbles or short stories, anything goes!
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Not a writer, but a story-teller.
Not a community, but a stage.
Not needing members, but an audience.
Creating worlds, but not for profit
Not wanting praise, but needing to know others are watching

lantern_woods : An entire neighborhood is removed from its world and set down elsewhere; this includes the residents, the homes, the foundation underneath, the roads, sewage system and power-lines. Lantern_Woods is nol about this grand abduction, and not about the abductors. It's about the neighbors, and the steps taken to try and figure out what happened.

the_demon_bean : A carefully planned attempt to share my vision of what might have transpired a year after the final episodes of both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

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**Just when you think I'm already busy enough (and with a disability to boot!), I'm also the creator of a real community in need of real members. the_storyboard (already know about the funky spelling) is a comm looking for young or developing writers who want to portray fictional characters from known fandoms. Not only so they can write, but also interact with one and another as their characters. The only place where Han Solo and Captain Kirk might meet and compete for the same woman!!!

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Help me tell you a story?
Thank you.
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VM, Twilight and SPn fics like...

TITLE: Season Four Episode 3: Reality Bites Back.
AUTHOR: glass_fawn
CHARACTERS: Veronica, Keith, Lamb, Weevil, and Wallace.

WORD COUNT: ^5,000.
RATING: PG pretty much.
SUMMARY: Basically my version of Season 4. No dead Lamb, no FBI and Weevil working at the Mars agency.
SPOILERS: Pretty much all of Veronica Mars is spoiled.
WARNINGS: No real warnings.
DISCLAIMER: don’t like an AU season 4 fitting descriptions above…don’t read it!

Found here. @ 2standintherain

Castiel from SPn fics.
found here @ angels love too.


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manorexia Pictures, Images and Photos

join bandom_eds: for all your eating-disorder slash writing needs! =P

<333 Sarie aka nalgene_sips

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