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inspired100 inspired100 is a new weekly challenge… - Fan Fiction Community Promotion

About inspired100 inspired100 is a new weekly challenge…

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inspired100 is a new weekly challenge community! Each week one prompt will be posted (be it a word, phrase, lyric or song) and you then write a short drabble or ficlet inspired by said prompt. Once you have finished writing, post or link to it in the comments of the prompt post. Anything at all is accepted, any rating, any fandom, any character(s), from fanfic to original works!

10_prompts, 100_prompts

After a very long hiatus, both 10_prompts and 100_prompts are back open for business! They are challenge communities with prompt tables ranging from 10 prompts up to 100 prompts for the more confident writer.

We allow pretty much anything anything as long as it isn't offensive and is properly labelled; gen, het, yaoi, yuri, RPF, RPS, NC-17, any character, any pairing, any fandom, any crossover, original characters, original universes (like RPG universes). Fics, drabbles or short stories, anything goes!
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